(Gill & Benji – Berkshire) – “I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for coming to see Benji.  He definitely enjoyed his massage and has been brighter in himself and moving better on his front leg since you came. Also his coat is looking much better having taken out all that dead hair!”


(Georgie & Benson – Hampshire) – “We love our monthly massages for our collie cross. We really notice his performance improvements while canicrossing & general well being since we started with Affinity Canine Massage. Thank you for all your hard work and your continued love for keeping Ben in tip top condition! Highly recommend for all Canicrossers runners, these massages for Ben give me peace of mind he’s never in discomfort.”


|Janice & Tigger – Surrey) – “Carol has been treating my dog for several months now.  She is friendly, answers any questions I have and best of all treats them in their home environment – so no travelling or strange environments.  Tigger, who is wary of people, can’t wait to have his massage and greets Carol at the door, then runs to where she is going to be.  He loves his massages and just lays there but also will let her know where he is hurting.  Since Carol has been treating him he is moving and jumping like a young boy again – and he is 10!  I can really recommend Carol.”


(Sue, Ian, Coco & Tag Parkin-Russell – Berkshire) – “We have known Carol for some years via dog showing. When Carol mentioned canine massage I had no hesitation in offering up our Coco, then a 14 and half year old Dalmatian and Tag, a two year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Both thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Carol and the difference was more obvious in Coco, she relaxed really well during the sessions and the massaging of her joints and muscles made a difference to her stiffness. She is now 3 months from turning 15 and still manages to get up onto the sofa! Tag, being a giant breed, just loved having all of his body massaged, to the point he would roll onto his back and start to snore, that’s how relaxing the experience was for him! We have no hesitation in recommending Carol.”


(Liz, David & Ash – Berkshire) – “Our lovely gentle Deerhound, Ash, so enjoyed his treatments – I was quite envious!”


(Beverley & Lottie Timberlake – Berkshire) – “I have to admit to being a little sceptical when I first came across Carol’s services of “canine massage”.  I had myself experienced the benefits of body massage as a human and so was more than willing to give my dog ago.  I really wasn’t sure if Lottie, my Irish Terrier, might feel the benefits,  until I started to notice over a relatively short period of several weeks that her gait started to change – she seemed so much more confident and striding out in a balanced way like I remember she used to as a younger dog (she is aged 8 now).   Also I was immediately struck by how quickly she relaxed into the treatment as the massage began and just how chilled she seemed to remain afterwards. I do think a lot of how my dog responded to the treatment is down to how Carol handled her, in such a caring and gentle way, and it was clear to me that her experience of handling different dogs does surface, the moment she met my dog.  Also, I want to mention how Carol’s professionalism comes across and it was a pleasure inviting her into my home. It felt a bit like we all had benefited when she had left.  I wholeheartedly recommend you give your dog the opportunity to experience such a beneficial treatment.  Good luck with the business Carol – you really deserve to succeed.”


(Marie & Freddie – Hampshire) – “Freddie is our 3 year old Border Collie and can become anxious when there are alot of visitors to the house.  I was sceptical but thought I would give canine massage a go to see if it would help.  Well Freddie certainly seemed to enjoy his massage and relaxed almost instantly, so much so that he didn’t want to leave the massage mat when Carol had finished.  We noticed that he was alot calmer following his massage treatments and far less anxious when visitors came to the house.  We will definitely continue having Freddie massaged by Carol.”