TPLO & Cruciate Ligament Surgery

This is an operation done to improve the functionality of the knee following cruciate rupture. TPLO is performed to enable stability within the joint and alleviate pain resulting from the injury. The knee is stabilised to eliminate any cranial thrust.

A curved incision is made into the tibia head including the tibial plateau. This will level the slope of the plateau and reduce tibial thrust by a metal plate pinned into place for stability. The damaged ligament is removed and replaced by a strong suture which following months of healing will eventually break leaving healed tissue to stabilise the knee.

Recovery from TPLO surgery is relatively fast and full recovery is often seen after two to three months. The dog should be able to walk fairly well within two weeks

The injury is likely to have occurred due to gradual degradation of the ligaments through cranial tibial thrust often caused by twisting or stopping suddenly. This is where the femur slips down the front of the tibia and pinches the ligaments and cushion (meniscus pad) behind the patella.

Benefits of massage include:
• Helps speed recovery
• Reducing pain
• Promotes natural range of movement
• Alleviates referred pain/overcompensation stiffness
• Strengthens the affected limb
• Encourages full use of all four limbs
• Enables weight bearing
• Reduces stiffness from inactivity
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage and waste removal
• Reduces inflammation
• Stimulates nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety