Canine Core Conditioning

Strength From The Inside Out

As a Licensed Coach with the Canine Conditioning Academy I am able to deliver the CCA’s 8 week programme.  Each session we will use specific, targeted and measurable core strengthening exercises that will transform your dogs core strength, stability, balance and flexibility and help prevent injury.

All exercises will be individually tailored for your dog.

There are 3 levels of programme:

  • Foundation (Formula 14 Conditioning Programme) – this is the starting point for all dogs and is over an 8 week period
  • Intermediate – once you have completed the Foundation programme you can move on to this 6 week programme
  • Advanced –  once you have completed the Intermediate programme you can move on to this 6 week programme

All the exercises are straightforward and are suitable for ALL dogs, including puppies.  Each exercise is designed to be easily done at home or when out ‘walking’ your dog and as with all exercise programmes it will require commitment from you to work on the routines at home throughout the duration of the course.

The programme will help your understanding of developing fitness and preventing injury in your dog.

I will be teaching you a set of exercises that will:

* Develop core strength

* Enhance flexibility

* Build strength

* Target specific muscle groups

* Be mentally stimulating for you and your dog

* Develop balance, proprioception and co-ordination

Not only will you learn a set of exercises, you will learn why you are doing them and how to use them to best effect.

You will need to commit to completing exercises 3 times a week, for 6 weeks. This follows on from the first week assessment and training element of the programme.  The exercises should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete, however the 14 exercises do not have to be completed all together in one session, you can spread them out and complete them as part of your day-to-day routine with your dog/s.  Our final session will be a final assessment and measurement of your dog incorporating some fun elements.

  • Group Sessions (4 bi-weekly class 2 hour sessions) including online support: Cost £95.00
  • One to One Sessions – Cost £150.00 – 4 x bi-weekly sessions including online support (These sessions are normally held either at your own home or at the Osbourne Room at Viables Craft Centre, Basingstoke).

To reserve a your place at our next programme or to book a one to one session please send me an email and I will send you the booking form and availability.